Welcome to my Website


Hi! It’s Isabel.

I am from Perth, Western Australia.

Here, you will find my photography, films, and what music I’m interested in (I will post a lot about Tame Impala, because I am obsessed with their music).

I also use this website to post my media assignments.

I love photography, and taking videos. My favourite type of photos to take are sunset photos, long exposure photos and underwater photos.

Cameras I use:
– Nikon D600 (which I share with my dad. He also has a Nikon D810)
– Nikon D5200
– Gopro Hero4 Silver
– Pentax WG – 3

Links to my instagram accounts:
– Personal: @isabel_ramsay 
– Photography: @isabelrphotography

Link to my youtube: Isabel Ramsay

Have fun exploring my website!

(Gif from ‘Feel’s Like We Only Go Backwards’ by Tame Impala)




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